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The Xbox 5000 was a console created by Microsoft as apart of the Xbox Thousand Series. It was manufactured from 2006 to 2007.

It was released around the same time as the Xbox 180. Only 5000 models were made. The Xbox 5000 looks like a microwave and sounds like a vacuum cleaner.


The Xbox 5000 had a larger variety of games than the size of the console itself. Games such as Halo 5000 and Vacuum Simulator 2007 were among the best sellers.


Only 5000 units were made of the Xbox 5000 and all sold in a short period of time... all except one. Apparently, there is still one Xbox 5000 in mint condition somewhere in the world. Many people think that there were actually only 4999 units made. But a highly credible source has claimed that the last Xbox 5000 destroyed itself during the radiation scandal of 2008. Another highly credible source has claimed that the destroyed console then mutated into another console known as the Xbox 5000 Infinity X Dark Platinum Edition. Microsoft has denied all of these rumors.

Radiation scandal of 2008

In 2008, players that had played the Xbox 5000 for long periods of time began experiencing radiation sickness. This was because the Xbox 5000 is half vacuum cleaner, half microwave. The radiation that was being emitted from the console was making people sick! Some people tried to to sue Microsoft but to keep people quiet, Microsoft gave away free copies of the very rare Xbox: Lightshow game. Xbox: Lightshow was a disc that was placed inside of the microwave part of the console and when started made a great lightshow inside of the console.


In 2008, after world wide demand and a public outcry, the Xbox 5001 was released.